Бясплатныя он-лайн шахматы. Гуляй у шахматы з зручным інтэрфэйсам. Без рэгістрацыі, без рэклямы, без дадатковых праграм. Гуляй у шахматы з камп'ютарам, сябрамі ці выпадковым супернікам.
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 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  33
 Byers  6+2 Rated 1h  2/4
 McCormick  0+1 Rated 40m  4/4
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  5. Good books in french defence?? Bishada I would like one as well, please. dunkthepacificrim@gmail.com
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  12. My perfectly accurate win zzagozz3 +1, you swapped figures until he blundered twice
  13. My perfectly accurate win iNUiT_nUNAAt My opinion of it is as follow: It's quite a boring game with very litt […]
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  16. My perfectly accurate win IDetestChess Thanks! Glad you liked it
  17. My perfectly accurate win Saptarshi10 Nice game! I never played such a game!
  18. My perfectly accurate win IDetestChess This is by far the most accurate game I've played. I'd love to hear yo […]
  19. Three-check takeback bug dogeatdog Lichess Stuff to the rescue!
  20. Three-check takeback bug rzenaikrzys You're welcome
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