Бясплатныя он-лайн шахматы. Гуляй у шахматы з зручным інтэрфэйсам. Без рэгістрацыі, без рэклямы, без дадатковых праграм. Гуляй у шахматы з камп'ютарам, сябрамі ці выпадковым супернікам.
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  1. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Good recovery after blunder. http://en.lichess.org/dLdI84Wt#0
  2. Site issue CautiousKamikaze Hello Since the update, when destination highlighting was introduce […]
  3. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Did you plan that or was it an accidental mate?
  4. chess960 - AI level increases […] cezarcamelo Ok - it's little data based rating. So, in the code, level 2 is more d […]
  5. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Can you explain why?
  6. Safari 8 bug: “Create a game” […] ndc I've seen a few glitches (sound out of sync with movement by about 0.5 […]
  7. MAD GAME !!! canabidiol I do not agree
  8. MAD GAME !!! canabidiol I do not agree
  9. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Nice catching of the queen=)) _______________________________ Fuckin […]
  10. Safari 8 bug: “Create a game” […] LM AdmiralA As far as I know, thibault's primarily targeting Chrome, and doesn't b […]
  11. chess960 - AI level increases […] LM AdmiralA The ratings for levels 2-8 are determined by its wins and losses. Peop […]
  12. chess960 - AI level increases […] cezarcamelo Hi. The problem: AI level - Stockfish level 1 1500 2 […]
  13. Safari 8 bug: “Create a game” […] ndc In Safari 8 on Mac OS 10.10, the "Create a game" popover appears partl […]
  14. Open chat room Farside I have looked at the prototype and it outstanding! Excellent idea.
  15. Improvements etc. nautilusomega First of all a big thanks for permanently trying to improve an already […]
  16. Captured pieces stopped working? Intoxicated Oh... "A new way to display taken pieces, or rather material difference"
  17. Captured pieces stopped working? Intoxicated I have the same problem. Sometimes there are a few pieces visible but […]
  18. Captured pieces stopped working? Clarkey http://en.lichess.org/blog/U4sinkQAAEIAhH3C/upgrade-of-all-chess-board […]
  19. 3d chess set feedback Clarkey Don't worry, it bothers me a bit too. Resizable boards are pretty high […]
  20. 3d chess set feedback goldilocks Minor board anomaly (really is not a big issue - just for the sake of […]
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