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  1. Petition: Artificially increas… cat_person I believe the offense of "artificially increasing or decreasing one's …
  2. How to respond to refused Scan… motion Its blitz http://en.lichess.org/S9CEhSEW/black#78
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  4. LICHESS DONATIONS Toutatis #2 so you don't know...!
  5. Fearfull Number Zugzwang69 Why Is 10 [Ten]...Afraid of 7 [Seven] ?
  6. FM BahadirOzen playing Simul! chess240 No past broadcasts found.
  7. What games do you guys play ot… ApplePie5453 A little bit of Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty now and then but mostly…
  8. What games do you guys play ot… nfowler Videogames, PC games, and Apps can be included
  9. BUG: Playing against myself TBest I created the game as a rated game, but when joining it myself in anot…
  10. BUG: Playing against myself TBest http://en.lichess.org/GEGrkWi8Y9yH ^This should not be possible, ri…
  11. Guess why? pita96 Okay but tell us the move!!!
  12. Guess why? adamapple0810 No mateus6969, I checked it again and clearly I was right.
  13. Guess why? mateus6969 You thought wrong and resigned for no reason.
  14. Guess why? LM Lightsss of course black has a huge advantage. now well, that was not the quest…
  15. Does stockfish go easier on an… Chessatom Aside from checkmate, the maximum advantage/disadvantage on Lichess is…
  16. LICHESS DONATIONS Boozy I would assume it goes towards a fund to keep it running for more than…
  17. LICHESS DONATIONS JudiasMagicas If a month gets +100% this money, what happens?
  18. Does stockfish go easier on an… chessplayer_909 yes because it really doesn't matter because the position is already w…
  19. Does stockfish go easier on an… nuffsaidM8 I've seen several games that I have played where when I make a terribl…
  20. Guess why? EugeneJudo White has a superior pawn structure and can with perfect play and sub …
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Crazyhouse, an overview

Strategic concepts, tactical patterns, openings, and other resources

OMG Crazyhouse!

The epic chess variant is landing on lichess

Racing Kings & the Second ChessWhiz Cup

Ringing in the New Year with Racing Kings and the second ChessWhiz Cup!